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DFP is an independent collective of scientists and filmmakers who want to go on a documentary search for inspiring stories and future cultures in different regions of the world.  The aim is to decipher the underlying 'program' - the 'DNA' - of these exciting locations.

 In the interlinking of planning sciences, innovation research, cultural history, ethnography and documentary film art, not only different innovation projects should be examined and presented, but also the underlying cultural conditions and ideas that set such innovation processes in motion.

 The research is characterized by specific methodological approaches.  In addition to our research for evidence, our team always undertakes extensive field research.  The camera is there from the start and accompanies people and (their) developments.  In addition to conveying facts, the documentary narratives in the film also try to create multi-layered spaces for appropriation and contextualization. 

...comming soon....

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DNA of Future Places (DFP)



DI Philipp Krebs



Mag. Max Leimstättner



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